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Steven R. Van HookSteven R. Van Hook is experienced in international adult education, transcultural learning, cross-cultural relations, economic development, news media, and business  communications. He has designed and taught courses for the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), University of California Santa Barbara (UCSB), California Lutheran University, Antioch University, Cardean Learning Group, Saylor Academy, National University, and elsewhere.

Steven has held leadership positions in media, education and economic development programs through the United States Agency for International Development, Head Start, and VISTA. He's been a TV news anchor, foreign bureau chief, columnist, and radio talk-show host. He has a BA in Journalism, an MA in Business Communication, and a PhD in Education.

Sample Course Design and Educational Content

Virtual Lectures & Resources

Van Hook, S.R. (2021, March 12). Presenter. Transcultural themes: Bridging cultures for helpers, healers, and teachers. University of Amsterdam, Netherlands, VSPA Inclusivity Committee. PDF Slides.

Van Hook, S.R.; Djorgovski, G.; Youngblood, P.; Burr, M.; Harp, B.; (2020, December 26). Panelist. Academia and virtual world reset. The Science Circle. PDF Slides. YouTube Video.

Van Hook, S.R. (2020, May 2). Virtual-reality seminar presenter. The world 20 years ahead with a 2020 vision. The Science Circle. PDF Slides. YouTube Video.

Van Hook, S.R. (2018, Spring). The future revisited: Can global learning still save the world? Journal of Distance Learning Administration, University of West Georgia. Available online.

Van Hook, S.R. (2018 - current). Producer/host. The Science Circle Podcast: interviews with science researchers and educators.

Van Hook, S.R. (2012 - current). Producer, host, editor, writer. Educare Streaming Radio Reports and Interviews

Van Hook, S.R. (2010). Resonant multicultural marketing messages Available online 

Van Hook, S.R. (2009). Transcultural teaching tactics for international classrooms. Available at

Van Hook, S.R. (2009). Marketing appeals and tactics. Available at

Van Hook, S.R. (2009). Search engine optimization. Available at

Van Hook, S.R. (2009). Website design for high-tech marketing. Available at

Van Hook, S.R. (2008). Fundamental marketing terms & concepts. Available at

Van Hook, S.R. (2007). Dealing with disruptive students. Available at

Select Articles and Presentations

Van Hook, S.R. (2019, April 14). Presenter. Top-ten
Science Circle podcast takeaways.
Audio podcast.
YouTube video. Archive video file. Slides with links.

Van Hook, S.R. (2018, Spring). The future revisited: Can global learning still save the world? Journal of Distance Learning Administration, University of West Georgia. Available online.

Van Hook, S.R. (2017, April 29). Presenter. Building classroom bridges across cultural gulfs. CATESOL (California Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages). Santa Barbara, CA. Slides.

Van Hook, S.R. (2017, March 25). Presenter. Best writing tactics for low-watt brains. The Science Circle: A global alliance of scientists, science educators and students. YouTube recording. Slides.

Van Hook, S.R. (2014, April 11). Panel presenter. Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education. VWBPE Conference. Presenter transcript.

Van Hook, S.R. (2012, June). Hopes and hazards of transculturalism. Prospects. 42 (2), 121-136. Quarterly review of comparative education by United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and International Bureau of Education (IBE). Available online at

Van Hook, S.R. (2011, April). Modes and models for transcending cultural differences in international classrooms. A study of themes and images that resonate across cultural gulfs. Journal of Research in International Education.10 (1), 1-27.

Van Hook, S.R. (2007). Presenter. Working with disruptive students. Webinar training for online instructors of Ellis College of the New York Institute of Technology.

Van Hook, S.R. (2005, Summer). Universal learning at a distance: Can we plug it in? Journal of Distance Learning Administration, 7(2). University of West Georgia, Distance Education Center. Available online.

Textbook / Manuscript Reviewer

International Social Science Journal. (2017). A critique of cultural globalization and the one world, one cultural globalist narrative. ScholarOne / Thomson Reuters.

Prospects. (2011). United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) Quarterly Review of Comparative Education.

The Handbook of Technology Management. (2008). NY: John Wiley & Sons.

The Economics of Globalization. (2007). Pompeo Della Posta. Malden, MA: Wiley-Blackwell

Media Interviews & Op-Eds





Podcast Host / Producer:

 The Science Circle. A
 global alliance of
 educators and students
 based in the Netherlands

Faculty / Board Member:
 University of California at
 Los Angeles (UCLA)  
 Extension; Custom
 Programs; Global
 Management &
 Marketing; Faculty
 Mentor; Advisory 
 Board Member for
 Marketing & PR Programs

Lead Instructor / Course
 (UCLA); Marketing & 
 Communications Courses

Faculty: University of
 California at Santa 
 Barbara (UCSB)
 Extension; Language and
 Culture; and Business &
 Management Programs

Senior Faculty: California
 Lutheran University;
 Professionals Business
 Administration &
 Communication Programs

Faculty: National 
 University; MA & BA
 Programs in Strategic

Senior Faculty /
 Course Designer:
Saylor Academy;
 Washington, DC;
 Free Education Initiative

Faculty / Senator /
 Course Designer:
 University; Undergraduate
 and Graduate Programs;
 Faculty Ombud, Mentor,
 & Trainer

Ph.D. in Education  
 Specializing in 
 Transcultural Learning
 Walden University (2006)

President / CEO:
Educare Research inc;
 Free resources for
 international educators
 and students.


567 W. Channel Islands Blv
Box 425
Port Hueneme, CA  93041  
(805) 253-0250



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