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Teaching Evaluation Excerpts

For courses taught at University of
California Los Angeles (custom
international programs), University of
California Santa Barbara (Language
and Culture Program), California
Lutheran University, Antioch University,
Ellis University, and Charter College.

University of California Santa Barbara 
UCSB ELS Language & Culture Program
  • "Best teacher, best lessons, so much fun."

  • "He's very powerful and full of passion."

  • "Steven is very motivated, well-informed and he is a
    very good teacher because he knows what he's
    talking about."

  • "You do not know how much I enjoyed your course,
    I wish I could retake it again."

  • "…very well informed in his field, conducting
    in-depth research on a regular basis."

  • "A very dedicated and knowledgeable instructor."

  • "…an enthusiastic team player."

  • "Dr. Van Hook is a true professional."

  • "A great teacher (who) made the class really

  • "He helps us feel comfortable in his class."

  • "I enjoyed this class very much ... it should have
    been longer."

  • "My best course at UCSB."

  • "I like his way of talking to the class ... he's never

University of California Santa Barbara 
UCSB ELS Business, Management, & Law Program

  • "He is very well-prepared, knowledgeable, has
    legitimacy, a good sense of humor, and I learned a
    lot. This class flew by. His website alone was worth
    the money."  

  • "An extremely interesting and useful class."

  • "Steve does a great job organizing the class
    presentation, keeping them informative, interesting
    and relatable. Best of all he keeps the class
    interactive and fun -- the class was a joy to attend
    ... the best by far."

  • "His course is one of those I really look forward to
    attending and enjoy."

  • "I learned sooo much!! Most information packed
    class I've had."

  • "Dr. Van Hook was one of the best professors I have
    ever had. All of his classes were interesting and
    thought provoking."

  • "His presentation style is very engaging, particularly
    for an evening course. Steve did a great job of
    covering it all."

  • "What many people state on the paper in theory is
    what you get across in this course."

  • "I learned more than I have ever learned in any other
    class, not only about economics but also about the
    things that we can use in our life."

University of California Los Angeles
UCLA International Custom Program

  • "Great session, practical excellent instructor."

  • "Very rich and diversified."

  • "Excellent, friendly and likable."

  • "Very satisfied ... a surprise."

  • "Great content, excellent instructor."

  • "Your (session) scored the highest among the
    instructors ... nicely done."

National University

  • "Prof. Van Hook was an incredible teacher. He really
    gave the students the necessary tools to succeed.
    He was always encouraging. I truly enjoyed his class."

  • "The learning experience was an amazing one --
    particularly with the knowledge that Dr. Van Hook
    shared with us; it was very effective and it is highly

  • "Steve has been the most responsive instructor I have
    had at NU. I appreciate his insight and demeanor
    during the live lectures. He provides real-world
    connections to the content. It's more than evident
    that he is a caring professional."

California Lutheran University

  • “He gave us useful, applicable information instead of
    only theory ... which makes the class seem like it
    is actually worth going to."

  • "He really cares about the students and their future.
    He wanted to make sure the students are prepared
    for what lies ahead."

  • "Dr. Van Hook took great consideration of his
    students. He was by far my best and favorite
    teacher at CLU."

  • "I loved everything the teacher did. He was the best
    professor I have had in college yet."

  • "Professor Van Hook is an excellent instructor. He
    created a welcoming classroom environment where
    ideas were cultivated, interchanged, and grown."

  • "I am impressed by his ability to motivate his students
    and his genuine interest in their success."

Charter College

  • “Steve reminds us that we already have these
    wonderful things inside and to just let our light

  • "I found every aspect of the course useful ...
    I learnt a lot from this class."

  • "The take on life that (you) have afforded me, helps
    me more than you could ever imagine with what I
    am trying to accomplish."

Antioch University BA & MA Programs

  • “…the most prepared, organized, clear, and
    effective teacher that I have had, and this is my
    third university!”

  • “I really thought this classroom experience was
    integrative … Steven Van Hook is multifaceted
    and an asset to (the university).”

  • “Unlike traditional classroom lectures, we have
    instantaneous examples which are colorful and

  • “Instructor is well-prepared and presents material in
    an organized, easy to digest manner.”

  • “I appreciated the diligence of your preparation,
    presentation, freedom to challenge, and the seminar
    atmosphere which encouraged all your students to

  • “…you made economics palatable. Not an easy

  • “Finally! An instructor who affirms student input.”

  • “Steve is an excellent, inspiring instructor.”

  • “I have become much more aware of the importance
    and impact of marketing on for-profit and non-profit

Cardean University / Ellis University MBA Program

  • "Steve is a wonderful subject matter expert and
    online instructor. He knows his students and his
    discipline, and he understands the online medium
    ... He delivers quality content that strikes just the
    right note every time. It was a pleasure working
    with him."

  • “…outstanding job facilitating his discussion.”

  • "Steven’s knowledgeable, professional and friendly
    support was very motivational for me."

  • "Students said you were the best instructor they
    had in the program and you made a very real and
    concerted effort to connect."

  • "Steve was especially skilled at providing a
    supportive environment in which we could learn."

  • "His principle strengths were his experience and
    correlating current events and example with course

  • "This is my 9th course and Steve is the best
    so far ... the most detailed in responses and

  • "He really helps to further understanding of the
    subject matter."

  • "Excellent course. VERY appropriate for today's
    business environment."

  • "Dr. Van Hook is a professional, and a teacher. The
    teacher taught, and I learned, I learned, I learned."

  • "He is the utmost professional, courteous, and
    extremely qualified and knowledgeable. Probably
    my fav teacher."

  • "Dr. Van Hook is great! You will learn quite a lot ...
    He brings to the table a wealth of experience. Try to
    take a class with him before you graduate."

  • "Steven was an excellent professor who KNOWS
    how to teach."

Science Circle

  • "This was an amazingly well thought out and
    developed presentation! Much to think about!
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

  • "(Steven) is an established university educator
    and a culture researcher with an extensive and
    impressive background in global issues,
    cross-cultural communications and learning.
    There's definitely insight and substance in the

  • "Thank you for the excellent and enjoyable

From Elsewhere:

  • "Thank you for offering us this engaging and very
    informative lecture! The participants loved it, and
    we have received lots of great feedback!"
    University of Amsterdam, VSPA

  • "Steven Van Hook, the brains behind the site
    (, has a background in
    international journalism and PR, and he obviously
    knows PR inside and out."
    ExpertPR/MediaMap, Awarding First-Place Prize for
    "Site Most Useful to PR PROs"

  • "The fact is that you are not only competent,
    creative and strategic, but also that you are a team
    Myron Wasylyk, V.P., The PBN Company;
    G.M. Ukraine Division

  • "The job you did for us in Moscow far exceeded all
    our expectations."
    Cynthia Neu, President, Sun World News/Moscow,
    Washington, D.C.

  • "This last (ratings) book showed significant
    increases in adults 55-plus and in men 18-49. As
    the leader of our news efforts, you deserve special
    Dustine Davidson, California/Oregon Broadcasting

  • "Let's recognize a lot of (Van Hook's) hard and
    intelligent work."
    Southern Oregon Review

  • "... A spunky fighter..."
    The Oregonian

  • "Van Hook knew the town needed help...the payoff
    a more active, independent, skilled community."
    Current Consumer Magazine

  • "... Van Hook set up a diverse program teaching a
    wide range of skills."
    Christian Science Monitor

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