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Steven R. Van Hook, Ph.D.



Steven R. Van HookSingle-session presentations and
seminars prepared for colleges and
organizations including UCLA, UCSB,
California Lutheran University,
National University, Ellis University, 
CATESOL Conference,
(Best Practices in Education),
Oxnard College Speakers Series,
Antioch University, and USAID.


  • Building Bridges Across Cultural Gulfs (slides)
  • Writing for Low-Watt Brains (video)
  • Power of Primers and Prompts (pdf)
  • Dealing with Disruptive Students (video)
  • Six Best Business Writing Tips (video)
  • Social Media Marketing (video)
  • Social Campaigns (video)
  • Crisis Communications
  • Preparing the Media Release (video)
  • Conducting Media Relations (video)
  • Speechwriting and Presentation Skills (video)
  • Best Public Relations Tips
  • Resonant Communications
  • Search Engine Optimization (video)
  • Website Design for Marketers (video)
  • 21st Century Job Skills
  • Best Career Tips
  • Wisdom of Best CEOs
  • Best Google Management Practices
  • Secrets of Successful Managers
  • Women in Business
  • Working People
  • Customer Service
  • Logic & Reasoning
  • Business Administration & Management
  • Change Agency

  • Theories of Culture
  • Cultural Dimensions
  • Transcultural Teaching Tactics (video)
  • Faces, Theories, and Forces of Culture
  • What Works Across Cultures
  • Resonance in International Settings
  • Business English as Lingua Franca
  • Cross-Cultural Customs
  • World Business Customs
  • Cross-Cultural Website Design
  • World Foods
  • McDonald's Across Cultures
  • Differences in Global Parenting
  • Marketing Free Markets in Ukraine
  • Cross-Cultural Rythyms
  • Transgalactic Relations
  • Issues in Pedagogy
  • Sense of Place in Immersive Virtual Learning
  • Best Practices in Virtual World Education
  • Dealing with Dyslexia and Dyslexics
  • Fundamentals of Marketing (video)
  • Traditional Marketing is Dead
  • Marketing Appeals & Tactics (video)
  • Basics of Branding (video)
  • Publics, Demographics & Segmentation (video)
  • Business English as a Lingua Franca
  • The 60-second Personal Pitch
  • Market Segmentation
  • Market Research
  • The Marketing Plan
  • Pricing Strategies
  • Sales Tactics
  • Creative Processes (video)
  • Advertisements in Trouble
  • Marketing Ethics
  • Got Milk Case Study
  • The Cola Wars
  • Social Marketing
  • Marketing Media
  • Guerilla Marketing
  • Stealth Marketing
  • The Power of Packaging
  • Transcultural Marketing Themes & Images (video)
  • The World's Socioeconomic Future
  • Transformational Technologies
  • Alien Exosociology: Transgalactic Commonalities
  • Future of Global Communications
  • World History in a Nutshell
  • Top Global Issues
  • Why Some Nations Succeed and Some Suck
  • Global Trends
  • The Global Marketplace
  • World Economy Primer
  • Marketing Free Markets
  • The Culture of Crime
  • Self Doubt: The Greatest Evil (video)
  • Sesame Streets Worldwide
  • International Intelligence Agencies
  • Transnational Bodies
  • National Anthems & Flags
  • Misapplied Maps
  • Systems Theory
  • Survey of World Religions


  • "Your session scored the highest among the
    instructors ... nicely done."

  • "Excellent, friendly and likable."

  • "Your presentation was truly magnificent --
    I learned a lot."

  • "Best teacher, best lessons, so much fun."

  • "He's very powerful and full of passion."

  • "A very dedicated and knowledgeable instructor."

  • "He is very well-prepared, knowledgeable, has
    legitimacy, a good sense of humor, and I learned
    a lot."

  • "An extremely interesting and useful class."

  • "Steve does a great job organizing the class
    presentation, keeping them informative, interesting
    and relatable. Best of all he keeps the class
    interactive and fun

  • "I learned sooo much!! Most information packed
    class I've had."

  • "His presentation style is very engaging, particularly
    for an evening course. Steve did a great job of
    covering it all."

  • "I learned more than I have ever learned in any other
    class, not only about economics but also about the
    things that we can use in our life."

  • "He gave us useful, applicable information instead of
    only theory ... which makes the class seem like it is
    actually worth going to."

  • "He really cares about the students and their future.
    He wanted to make sure the students are prepared
    for what lies ahead."
  • “Steve reminds us that we already have these
    wonderful things inside and to just let our light
  • “Unlike traditional classroom lectures, we have
    instantaneous examples which are colorful and

  • “Instructor is well-prepared and presents material in
    an organized, easy to digest manner.”

  • “I appreciated the diligence of your preparation,
    presentation, freedom to challenge, and the seminar
    atmosphere which encouraged all your students to

  • “Steve is an excellent, inspiring instructor.”

  • "Steven’s knowledgeable, professional and friendly
    support was very motivational for me."

  • "Students said you were the best instructor they
    had in the program and you made a very real and
    concerted effort to connect."

  • "Steve was especially skilled at providing a
    supportive environment in which we could learn."

  • "Excellent course. VERY appropriate for today's
    business environment."

  • "He is the utmost professional, courteous, and
    extremely qualified and knowledgeable."

  • "Dr. Van Hook is great! You will learn quite a lot ...
    He brings to the table a wealth of experience."

  • “(Steven) is an established university educator and a
    culture researcher with an extensive and impressive
    background in global issues, cross-cultural
    communications and learning. There's definitely
    insight and substance in his presentation.”

  • “This was an amazingly well thought out and developed
    presentation! Much to think about! Thank you, thank
    you, thank you!”

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