Worldwide Multicultural Research
Santa Barbara, California  USA

Steven R. Van Hook, PhD

Steven Van Hook has worked
in news media, international
management, economic
development,marketing, public
relations, social services, and
education for more than twenty
years, including positions in
Oregon; California; Washington, D.C.;
  Moscow, Russia; and Kiev, Ukraine.

Steven has been a television producer, a newspaper
features writer and columnist, a radio newscaster and
reporter, a weekly radio talk-show host, a television news
anchor, an NBC affiliate news division manager, and
directed a nationwide television and radio public
information program in Kiev, Ukraine. He managed a
Washington-based television news service, and served as
bureau chief in its Moscow office during the final months
of the Soviet Union in 1990-91. He was the American
representative in Moscow for a US-Soviet newspaper joint
venture between the Literaturnaya Gazeta and the Sun
World Corporation.

Steven has worked with other international media and
corporate clients including CBS, BBC, Gostelradio,
Krieble Institute, New York Stock Exchange, Transcom
Communications, Hill & Knowlton, Gavin Anderson, The
PBN Company, East-West Films, About Inc. and
Primedia. He has worked with social and economic
reform programs including VISTA, Head Start, and the
United States Agency for International Development.

Steven has a PhD in Education from Walden University,
with a specialty in transcultural distance learning. He
attended college in his native Santa Barbara, California
before earning a BA in Journalism at the University of
Oregon. He received an MA in Communications
from Jones International University, achieved certification
in New Business Communication Technologies, and
completed coursework through UCLA and Stanford. 

Steven develops and  teaches traditional and online
classes, including MBA and BA courses in Business
Communications, Managerial Marketing, Journalism,
Public Relations, Education Technologies, and Global
Business for Ellis University, and the New York Institute
of Technology. He has taught courses in Principles of
Marketing, International Advertising, Cross-Cultural
Marketing Communications, and Global Affairs and
Economics for the Language & Culture and the Business,
Management, & Law Programs at the University of
California at Santa Barbara (UCSB); Antioch University;
California Lutheran University; UCLA's EmpowerEd;
National University; and University of California at
Los Angeles (UCLA).

Steven is president and CEO of Educare Research inc,
the founder of Worldwide Media Relations
and publishes the About Public Relations,
HowToMarketing, HowToTeach, and HowtoSail webzines;
and produces YouTube educational videos. He's a USCG
sailboat captain, sailing instructor, chaplain, and officates
weddings out of Channel Islands Harbor in California.

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