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Steven R. Van HookBelow are links to episodes and
guests on The Science Circle
podcasts starting in 2018. The
Science Circle is a non-profit global
alliance of scientists, educators and
students, based in the Netherlands.
Podcast topics include natural and
human sciences; produced and
hosted by Steven Van Hook.

Episode 007 - Protecting Your Ideas with Patent Law
Episode 006 - Biology, Science, and Patent Law

Matthew BurrGuest: Matthew Burr, JD
Biology degree from UC San Diego,
and graduate studies at Baylor
College of Medicine. Technician in
biology labs at The Salk Institute,
Harvard, and MIT. Currently a
patent attorney in Texas for
23 years serving entrepreneurs
and start-ups.

Episode 005 - Tactics in Chemistry Education

Michael ShawGuest: Dr. Michael Shaw
PhD in inorganic chemistry from
University of British Columbia in
Vancouver. Distinguished
Research Professor at Southern
Illinois University in Edwardsville.
NSF grant in inorganic compounds
for 10-years. Board Member
of the Science Cirlce and frequent
presenter in virtual world settings.

Episode 004 - Education Innovations

Greg PerrierGuest: Dr. Greg Perrier
Zoologist and PhD in Range Science.
International development work in
Africa through Peace Corp and
USAID. Education innovator in
teaching technologies for STEM
(Science, Technology, Engineering,
Math) subjects in virtual worlds
through Northern Virginia
Community College (NOVA).

Episode 003 - Astophysics and Entropy

Rob KnopGuest: Dr. Rob Knop
PhD in physics from CalTech and
postdoc with the Supernova Cosmology
Project. Now a researcher in
computational astrophysics. He served
on a Nobel winning project discovering
the expansion of the universe. This
episode previews his talk on entropy.

Episode 002 - Molecular Genetics

Stephen GasiorGuest: Dr. Stephen Gasior
PhD in molecular genetics and
cell biology from University of
Chicago. Postdoc research at
Tulane Cancer Center. Currently
working for DowDuPont to develop
genome editing technologies
for corn. Former educator
at University of New Orleans and
Ball State University.

Episode 001 - We're Live!

Phil YoungbloodGuest: Professor Phil Youngblood
Science Circle Board Member,
university educator in computer
information systems, NASA exo-
biologist, biochemist, military officer,
and frequent Science Circle
presenter since the organization's
founding in 2008.

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