Module 1.

Module 2.
PR events

Module 3.
Understanding the media

Module 4.
Effective media releases

Module 5.
Preparing the newsmaker

Module 6.
Crisis management

Module 7.
Campaign strategy

Module 8.
PR tool kit



Crisis Management Case Study

You are a developer who has bought a large apartment building in the middle of Moscow occupied primarily by elderly people, and you plan to turn it into a luxury hotel. You are going to throw the old folks out so you can do this. The media love this kind of story, and they will likely portray you as a villain. Reporters will ask you why you are throwing the old people out on the street.

How might you respond to a reporter's questions?

One possible strategy:

If you say, “We’re not throwing old people out,” the media will make you look like a liar, as well as a villain. Instead, you might respond, “I’m glad you asked me if we’re throwing old people out. It gives me a chance to explain just what we are doing. Not only does each resident have six months rent-free to find new housing, but we’ll give them a six-month extension if they need it. In addition, we’re helping the residents find new housing, and we’ll pay their moving costs. If someone is willing to do more than this, I’d like to meet him.”