Module 1.

Module 2.
PR events

Module 3.
Understanding the media

Module 4.
Effective media releases

Module 5.
Preparing the newsmaker

Module 6.
Crisis management

Module 7.
Campaign strategy

PR tool kit



Module 8: PR tool kit

The difference between an amateur and a professional, so they say, is that the amateur borrows while the professional steals. Go ahead and help yourself to any of the following ideas and formats that may help your efforts.

Media releases

These two sample releases received good media response and placement.

The PR Newswire and the Business Wire provide extensive repositories of media releases and corporate news from companies worldwide.

Campaign scripts

These scripts are from a series of nationwide television public service announcements on behalf of the government of Ukraine, attempting to generate general public support for economic reforms. We knew we had a successful campaign going when a popular national newspaper ran a parody of our spots.


This is a ghostwritten piece prepared on behalf of a client organization, submitted to nationally respected American broadcaster Paul Harvey. He used the commentary on his syndicated radio show reaching millions of listeners.


Should you put words in your newsmaker's mouth? You bet. Especially if that's what you're paid to do. Here's a sample speech written for an organization president to deliver at an annual membership gathering.

Case Study

Did you complete the crisis case study exercise in Module 6? Suggest your idea on a crisis situation media strategy, and find a possible solution we've provided.

Conclusion: A few closing thoughts.