Module 1.

Module 2.
PR events

Module 3.
Understanding the media

Module 4.
Effective media releases

Module 5.
Preparing the newsmaker

Module 6.
Crisis management

Module 7.
Campaign strategy

Module 8.
PR tool kit


And finally...

Many people perceive public relations as quite less than respectable — as clever strategies to convince the public that something wrong is right. Some see public relations professionals as manipulators of the public mind, rather than conveyors of truth.

Of course it is possible to use public relations skills to advance less than noble causes. All too often, we know that bad people and bad causes are advanced through the adept use of public relations. Therefore it is vital that good people with good intentions also master effective public relations skills.

Remember, too, that public relations is a two way street: not only must you present your organization to the public, but you must also present the public back to your organization and colleagues. Help them understand how the public perceives their actions.

The public relations professional is often the conscience of a company or campaign. It’s not always a popular spot to be in, but it’s an important job. If done well, your PR work should serve both your organization and the news media, and also be a valuable contribution to the greater public good.

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