Module 1.

Module 2.
PR events

Module 3.
Understanding the media

Module 4.
Effective media releases

Module 5.
Preparing the newsmaker

Module 6.
Crisis management

Module 7.
Campaign strategy

Module 8.
PR tool kit


About the presenter

Steven R. Van Hook is president of Worldwide Media Relations, based in Santa Barbara, California. He has been a public relations and media professional for more than 20 years, including positions as television news anchor and division manager for NBC affiliates, newspaper reporter and columnist, and radio talk-show host. He has a B.A. in Journalism from the University of Oregon and graduate studies in business communications, counseling psychology, and law.

Van Hook has worked in Moscow, Russia managing a television news bureau and a newspaper joint venture with the Literaturnaya Gazeta; and in Kiev, Ukraine managing a public education media project. His clients have included Gavin Anderson & Company, USAID, the Krieble Institute, CBS, BBC, Sun World Corporation, New York Stock Exchange, and other Western news media, organizations, and corporations.