Module 1.

PR events

Module 3.
Understanding the media

Module 4.
Effective media releases

Module 5.
Preparing the newsmaker

Module 6.
Crisis management

Module 7.
Campaign strategy

Module 8.
PR tool kit



Module 2: Public Relation Events

Much of public relations is getting people to notice you. You want the public’s attention and the media’s coverage. How do you do that? Sometimes directly, through media campaigns. Sometimes through clever use of circumstances, such as staged events or publicity stunts — some call them “magnet events” — they attract attention, like a magnet. There is no failproof “how-to” on how to get media and public attention. You have to have an intuitive sense as opportunities present themselves. Let’s look at some examples:

A Lithuanian distillery has launched a new brand of spirit sharing a name with Russia's newest president: Putin Vodka. The company owners deny any link of the vodka with Vladimir Putin, even though the bottle is emblazened with the colors of the Russian flag. Advertising gurus have applauded the plan as "brilliant": The distillery has received tremendous publicity and is getting more attention with every denial of the Russian link.

Banks are very precise in their accounting, and each day their ledgers balance out to the penny. But one clever Los Angeles banker offered his customers $10 for every bank error they ever found in their accounts. This appealed to people and brought in 15-thousand new customers and $65-million in new deposits within two months.

A chamber of commerce in Japan published 1,000 handbooks as a member service on how to deal with news media in a crisis situation. Demand was so strong the handbooks were all gone in a single day, and the chamber printed an additional 42,000 copies. The handbook helped to demonstrate the support provided through chamber membership, as well as underscored the expanding interest in effective media relations.

Another American who promotes tourism in Michigan, a state in America, saw an opportunity in the 1991 coup against President Gorbachev. He saw how the coup occurred while Gorbachev was vacationing in the Crimea. So once the coup was over, the American put up a billboard welcoming Gorbachev back to power. And he suggested on the billboard that next time Gorbachev should vacation in Michigan. That got some attention.

* * *

You don’t need lots of money to carry on a successful promotion campaign, just a few rich ideas.

Module 3: Understanding print and broadcast media: how various media work, how to present yourself in a professional manner.