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Guests and Topics

February 15, 1992 through June 26, 1993





Water softener ordinances

Chamber member benefits

Successful Hispanic businesses

Advertising/promotion tips

Innovations in crime prevention

Chamber Youth of the Month

Santa Maria on Sale program

Red Ribbon program

Women in politics

Daycare options

Government budget cuts/impact

United Way campaign

Allan Hancock College re-entry program

Children's comments on the Presidential race

Blue Grass festival

Employment seekers' support network

SCORE counseling services

1991 tax tips

Educational Partnership Week

U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Strawberry Festival

Efforts to lure away California companies

Klein Bottle program

Santa Maria Airport airshow

Central Coast Home & Garden show

Bowlers' convention/tourism impact

Technologies helping disabled workers

Santa Maria Rodeo

Financial aid to abide by environmental regulations

Stress at the workplace

Nationwide resume bank

Impact and reform of County environmental regulations

National Small Business week

Personal finance advice

Chamber Business Trade Show

Consumer credit counseling services

Economic Development Association activities

Youth employment opportunities

Santa Maria Children's Museum

Santa Barbara County Fair

City budget cuts/impact

Workers' compensation reform

Business communication skills

Temporary employment services

Food Bank program

Allan Hancock business programs

Sexual harassment complaints

Recycling efforts/mandates

Americans with Disabilities Act

Santa Maria Boys and Girls Club

Business social skills

Business opportunities in space

Preparing for the job search

Local employment trends into 21st century

Council on Alcoholism program

Export opportunities for local business

North American Free Trade Agreement

Automobile insurance scam

Tax collection and distribution

Santa Maria Library services/cuts

Vocational Training Center program

Candidate forum update

Mid-year investment tips

Traffic School legislation

Life-long Learning Institute

Partnership for Democracy program

Big Band concert

Allan Hancock hazardous materials program

High-growth professions

Part-time employment opportunities

Local service clubs

Injury prevention at the workplace

Election update

Service Santa Maria Style program

New technologies in retail

Business networking possibilities

Public Bonds how they work

Hopeful economic/production news

Serving the Spanish-speaking community

Impact of drugs at the workplace

Retail and business decorating/marketing tips

Safe Halloween options

Voter participation

Business networking opportunities

Personal problems impact on workplace

State water issues

Christmas parade update

Latino population impact on California

Business ethics

Postmaster mailing tips

Presidential election report

Youth activitiy options

Effective use of humor in business

Improving California's business competitiveness

Christmas retail sales update

Business charitable contributions

Curing the Christmas blues

Fire safety at work and home

Industry Education Council business survey results

Crime prevention at work and home

Employment opportunities during economic recovery

Catholic Charities

Food for the hungry

Holiday sales retail review

Year end tax tips

Altrusa International

Breaking addiction

Chamber of Commerce annual review

Economic Development Association annual review

1993 employment projections

State budget impacts on cities

Local export opportunities in Eastern Europe

Status of community libraries

YMCA services

State legislators' summit

Santa Maria Personnel Association

Assistance for victims of crime

State water hearing

California Senior Legislature

Concord Coalition

Retaining high-technology jobs

Small business health insurance pool

Business contract opportunities and Vandenberg Air Force Base

Impact of Fire Department budget cuts

International business/exporting opportunities

Historical highlights of Santa Maria Valley

Spotlight on local tourist attractions

Abiding by new and evolving labor laws

Managers' and executives' support network

Global marketplace

Coping with the "Machiavellian" manager

Attracting business through Industrial Park

Cleaning up a bad credit rating

Recreation options for local youth

"Take your daughter to work" day

Campus Life program

County Grand Jury functions

1993-94 Economic Forecast

Alcohol Awareness Month

Workers' compensation fraud

Low-cost insurance for pregnant working women

Business social skills

City budget cuts and service impact

Sales skills seminar

Youth and Family Center

Local history via pictorial montage

Eliminating unwanted sales calls

Improved speaking skills for business

Improving relations between business and government

Statewide summit on California economy

Benefits of business networking

Supervisor's assessment of "State of the County"

Controlling/supporting growth

Local artistic displays





Lee Derr

Jan Evans

Mike Siminski

Dan Fraijo

Heather Wicka

Marilyn Cronk

Gary Bethel

Jeanna Avalos

L.F. Gunlicks

Bill Perry

Mike Garcia

Judy Teague


Dave Downing

Mark Schniepp

Nancy Lapolla

Felix Esparza

Wayne Schwammel

Judith Nishimori

Jim May

George Barnes

Rose Cornelius

Janice Cofield

Mike Stoker

Tim Staffel

Vickie Zorkocy

Marti Fast

Wayne Miller

Jim Jacobson

Mike Kelly

Gina Avalos

Jeanne Buzzeli

Rob Ballew

Karen Nelson

Gordon Gill

Alex Simas

Diane Alleman

Michael Eckert

Greg Moore

Emily Keuma

Loyce Finnegan

Joe Humphrey

David Coelho

Bob Bennett

Jack Garvin

Rubin Salazar

Rex Tift

Holly Schnieder Stewart

Jack Owen

Cecelia Teixeira

Sofia Hollum

Major Juanita Birks

Jan Govette

Max Gough

Kelly Govette

John Kinde

Father Thomas Elewaut

Kieth Hatfield

Roger Brett

Reese Riddiough

Don Davis

Terry Zuniga

Dave Linfield

Laurie Sylvester

Lon Thompson

Penny Simas Pastore

Charles Golodner

Laura Wright

Rose Wood

Hilda Zacarias

Nick Rice

John Everett

Anne Green

Mona Kemp

Lucia Di Salvatore

Eve Isham

Janice Jensen

Stan Stanford

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Kimberly Kellner

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Suzen Folkerts

Kennith Pettit

Richard Walker

Tom Swan

Jan Zilli

Muriel Robinson

Kirk Spry

Julie Posada

Charles Fox

Patricia Runyan

Jack Buchanan

David Condit

Diane Woodward

Maureen Withers

Vickie Clift

Dave Baskett

Dean Schloop

Dayle Gooch

Bonnie Royster

Kathy Gilliland

Harold Almon

Steve Wurm

Amy Malicki

Sandra Rogers

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Ann Foxworthy Stephenson

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Tom Urbanske

Jan Zimmerman

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Patsy Dooley

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Shirley Cisneros

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Jim Reyes

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Jennifer Benson

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Cam Camarena

Maria Zarate

Charlie Lord

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Roger Bunch

Dottie Renfrow

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Diane Gentile

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Rhoda Carter

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Don & Ann Baldus

Barbara Carter

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