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Unit 4: Customer Service Careers
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The Unit 4 task materials above will help you to:

<> Data and resources that may help you find a customer service job and advance in your career.
<> Video tips to overcome self-doubt, often the greatest obstacle to success.

After completing Unit 4 Task Assignment in the Customer Service Course, please post on these discussion topics:

  • What resources have you used for finding past employment, or might you use for finding future positions? Why did/would you choose those particular resources?   
  • What steps would be most beneficial in preparing for a job interview?
  • In what social networks have you participated? How might you use those networks for advancing your employment and professional growth opportunities?

Feel free to start your own topics and respond to those of other students.

For more information on this free course through Saylor University, visit

Educare Research inc (ERi)

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